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J.S Mill sobre la coacción en el mercado.

Esta se la dedico a mis amigos "liberales-libertarios", y de J. S. Mill, para que no digan:

Sobre la coacción en el mercado:

"...No longer enslaved or made dependent by force of law, the great majority are so by force of poverty; they are still chained to a place, to an occupation, and to conformity with the will of an employer, and debarred, by the accident of birth both from the enjoyments, and from the mental and moral advantages, which others inherit without exertion and independently of desert. That this is an evil equal to almost any of those against which mankind have hitherto struggled, the poor are not wrong in believing. Is it a necessary evil? They are told so by, those who do not feel it---by those who have gained the prizes in the lottery of life..."

Ni Marx lo hubiera dicho mejor. Y es que no hace falta ser marxista, ni tampoco un radical de izquierda perrofláutico para ver lo que es obvio.